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(Photos by Brett Duke, |The Times-Picayune)

Another Banner Year for Connecticut by David Roth (WSJ)

Fans could spend a year not paying the slightest attention to women’s basketball, look up to find UConn steamrolling an opponent in the NCAA Championship Game—the final score, the most lopsided in the history of the women’s final, was UConn 93, Louisville 60—and feel reassured that all is right in the universe.

An Appreciation of Perseverance By Harvey Araton (NYT)

Caroline Doty, a fifth-year senior guard, made it to the career finish line, pretty much on one leg and, perhaps, as a future coach on the court.

UCONN once again last team standing by Mechelle Voepel (ESPN)

The Huskies displayed so many weapons — led by Final Four most outstanding player Breanna Stewart — and looked so dominant Tuesday, you almost could have forgotten they weren’t the overall No. 1 seed or the favorite coming into the Big Dance.

UConn’s Greatness Arrives Earlier Than Expected by Jeff Jacobs (

Of Auriemma’s eight titles, four have arrived in perfect seasons. Two more have been with only one loss. When UConn routed Louisville by 20 points in St. Louis 2009, it was a fait accompli, not only for the national championship, but for another perfect season. Moore, Renee Montgomery and Tina Charles were obviously too good for the rest of the country; it was almost unfair. While this night ended with the greatest statistical beat-down ever in a national championship, few would have expected this even a month ago.

 Breanna Stewart finds her footing, leads UConn to eighth title by Richard Deitsch (SI)

The coaches nicknamed the freshman Bambi. This was back in January, when Breanna Stewart was a jumble of gangly arms, occasional brilliance and infinite possibilities, much like the fictional fawn touted to become the Great Prince of the Forest. Of course the nickname was not a compliment. The 6-foot-4 freshman forward, tagged with being the next It Girl for a program that produces them at the rate Café Du Monde churns out beignets, could not get out of her own way. She’d lose her balance in practice, the timing of her jumping in games was awful, and she couldn’t run down the floor in a straight line.

Are Auriemma, UConn women starting next dynasty? by Doug Feinberg (the Times Herald)

Stefanie Dolson grabbed the microphone on stage after the NCAA final and uttered four words: “President Obama, we’re ba-aaack!”

Kelly Faris makes championship exit by Kate Fagan (ESPNW)

That is how everyone at UConn sees it — that Kelly Farris, the 5-foot-11 guard from Indiana, the hardest worker anyone has met, the youngest of four kids, was the beating heart of this team.

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